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Biblical Life Coaching

Biblical coaching, which is based on a one-on-one relationship or in a small group environment, is the opportunity to achieve remarkable personal and professional results. Biblical coaching is premised upon the belief that individuals are uniquely created and have a unique calling and destiny. Biblical coaching is fundamentally about discovering God given talents, exposing negative agreements and patterns with the result being a transformed mind, body and spirit.

The Christian Counseling and Training Center , in partnership with Lifeforming Leadership Coaching, now offers a training program in Biblical Life Coaching. Classes will be 8 weeks in length, and will meet for two hours one night a week. Each person enrolled in #401 will be required to have a life coach in addition to each of the Lifeforming courses.

We are excited about this addition to CCTC, but want all of our partners to know that our goal and mission remain the same. We see this additional program as enhancing and increasing our counseling and training opportunities.

Upon completion of the six courses, the student will receive national certification as a Biblical Life Coach.

This training is for pastors, counselors, small group leaders, and lay people who are interested in discipleship.

101 Biblical Problem Solving

One of the most comprehensive opportunities available today for you to allow God's written Word to change your life. This course examines such issues as the source of problems, self esteem, trials, love, anger, fear and change.

102 Building Biblical Relationships

We live in a culture that teaches us a great deal about prosperity, success, and the need to understand ourselves but has little to say about building and maintaining decent, life-giving relationship. Building Biblical Relationships offers valuable insight into what God says about relating to the people around us. This course covers topics such as singleness, the roles of husbands and wives, forgiveness and tough love.

401 Matters of the Heart

Learn the Biblical core foundations of the Heart of a Coach that enable him to connect quickly and deeply with anyone, anywhere, and anytime. Developing trust as it relates to God and the Life Coach.

402 Conversational Coaching

Develop the skills for relational and conversational break-through, listening to what really matters, asking more and telling less, and asking powerful questions that get results; all from the example of Jesus the Master Coach.

403 Life Focus Coaching

Identify how to help others live out their values, dreams, and destiny according to God's design and calling in their lives. Helping individuals better understand God's purpose for their lives.

404 Sustainable Change

Practice coaching models that bring sustainable change and accelerated discipleship and formation at home and at work. Teaching clients to stay the course.