Advanced Discipleship

Chrisitan Counseling & Training Center, Inc. (CCTC) is an inter-denominational, non-profit ministry dedicated to bringing honor and glory to God by serving the Body of Christ and assisting local churches. CCTC use Biblical principles to teach, train, and counsel. CCTC encourages people to use Scripture to resolve personal and inter-personal problems and to be available to help others to apply these truths in their lives.

We believe God's Word has relevant answers to the issues we face in daily living. We study the character of God, His holiness, His grace, and purpose for life. As we examine intimate relationships, we look at the emotions of anger, fear, and guilt within the context of the Biblical concept of love. We evaluate actions and the motives behind those actions and explore how change takes place.

This advanced program is a one year program designed to point students in the direction of a caring God who always shows us more grace and mercy than we deserve.  The student will gain a Biblical world view and a better understanding of his/her relationship and place in God's kingdom well as a better understanding of why we "do what we don't wish to do". Students will learn the dynamics of problems and Biblical responses to those issues.

There are three courses in this program: Biblical Problem Solving, Building Biblical Relationships, and Student of Scripture for Life. Courses build upon each other and should be taken in sequence.  The CCTC courses are eight weeks and include lecture, syllabus, a supplement book, and assignments. Student must submit assignments to an assigned Grader. For course description click name.


Courses are offered quarterly in a interactive classroom setting. Bible study groups can also study courses by viewing pre-recorded lectures, contact CCTC via or 804-358-1343. Students can also study our courses independently. See the Course Schedule.


Biblical Counseling Ministry Training


An advanced training program for the development of Biblical counseling skills, designed to teach the principles and skills of biblical encouragement. This instruction focuses on the application of biblical principles to the personal and interpersonal problems* which people face in the course of daily living.

To start the Biblical Counseling two years of study and mentoring process, you must successfully complete the prerequisite Discipleship Program, this program applies the principles taught in the first year courses (101-103). Upon successful completion of the Biblical Counseling Courses, 200 and 300 series, you receive a CCTC Graduation Certificate. There is an additional year of experience and training offered in our Biblical Counseling Internship.


201 Study of Scripture for Ministry


202 Framework for Biblical Ministry I 

203 Framework for Biblical Ministry II 

204 Summer Practicum

301 Methodology for Biblical Counseling I 

302 Methodology for Biblical Counseling II

303 Methodology for Marriage Counseling

304 Summer Practicum

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We have a program sheet with further details and complete costs of the program, request a copy.

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