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Counseling Scheduler and Biblical Counselor, Graduate

Meggie Martins, Biblical Counselor '17

Renee Gregory Graduate Testimony

I enrolled in the Biblical Problem Solving course at Mt. Ararat Church, Fredericksburg. At that time, i had a desire to discover if i would even like Christian Counseling and if so would God use me in such a way to bring encouragement, comfort and reconciliation to hurting, suffering people. After the first class, i knew this is what i wanted to do in the body of Christ. I was learning so much about the intent of my own heart as God revealed my issues. As i reflected on what i wanted to share in this testimony i must admit my most performance driven and fearful counselee was me.

Just short of 2 years after coming out of a religion where i believed my works would lead me to salvation, i had a lot of residue in my things about God's grace and was captivated to learn more about God's grace and the finished work of Christ, on the cross and how this could break the strongholds off my life. The in-depth bible study and homework through each session helped solidify who i was in Christ and that every answer to every situation was in Him.

God prepared me for the trials that rose in my life while in training; the sudden death of my sister at 48 and my father in law. Unfortunate circumstance that required us to leave a church family that helped me grow in faith and freedom in Christ, to wondering: how did we get here, what does God have for us now, where would we attend church? Although our leaving was necessary and certainty used by God, we left people we cared about, loved, and grew with. However i understand the most important relationship we all have in life is that with God our Father through Jesus Christ. God has a plan for all of us. I learned how trials reveal truth and can strengthen us in Christ if we allow it.


My journey with CCTC helped my husband and i get through a season where our best friend of 20 years died, yet another sudden death. It was clear that God called my husband to step in and Pastor the church founded by our dear friend. God prepared our hearts to answer the call and equipped us in such a way to know and believe "it is not about us and to beware of what's in our heart".  Truly how we respond to situation reveals where our focus is


After many lectures, study hours, grading homework and counseling i felt that i thrived helping people with the Word of God and letting people know they are bigger and better than their circumstances. God has every answer to our problems in his Word and the abundant life is ours. I learned that God is not going to waste anything in our lives, everything is usable. The bottom line is we are in a dying world that needs the light and hope we can offer them through the word of God; CCTC offered me the training and opportunity to make a difference as we invite and follow the Holy Spirit who leads and guides us as counselors.

I am most grateful for CCTC's commitment to apply the scriptures, loving confrontation and encouragement in this training along with experiencing the power of God change hearts. I can most notably thank CCTC for the new self talk much different from when i started; it goes something like : where have placed my hope in this situation, are people big and God small in my situation, what are the lights on my dashboard telling me, and whose kingdom am i servicing anyway?

Now to understand by the grace of God broken hearts can be mended and made whole with the truth of the Word and power of God. I believe God will continue to give me the grace. wisdom and love to point those that i counsel to eternity as i further develop as a counselor. I'm grateful.

Biblical Problem Solving student testimony

When i started "Biblical Problem Solving" (BPS), i was 8 years sober, through the grace of GOD. I am truly grateful for AA and the 12 Steps but the program is very careful in not discussing the Bible or Jesus Christ. The BPS course and the amazing instructor provided Bible scripture which, for me, supports/backs up the 12 Steps and that has been awesome, to understand and see where the 12 Steps originated.

Also, at the time of the class, i was in the process of retiring from a career/job that i had held for 35 years. I had so much anxiety, would we have enough money, what would i do with my time, and how could the business possibly be successful without me?

It's pretty amazing that in 8 weeks i have begun to work on a new way of thinking, a new way of reacting to fear, anxiety and anger all through God's word.

I can't wait to start the next class and then the next one... i know GOD will open a door and lead me where he wants me to go... if its' working with women and addictions... how great would that be? I'll wait for His Will. 


Counselee/Marriage Testimony

It was day one of the longest year ever; at least that's what it felt like to us, when our marriage hit an all-time low. The pain we felt was so real you couldn't sleep it off. You couldn't just take a nap to ease our mind from wandering or your heart from aching or even tears from falling. As a leader in our home i failed as a husband. I let my wife down, my children; i let down the church but most of all i let down the LORD. I was a church leader in worship before my sin found me out. I knew this was the end of my marriage. "This is it!" "I really had done it this time!" I saw myself getting a divorce, losing my children, falling away from GOD because "He did this to me"; at least that was my warped reasoning then.

I often wished i was addicted to other things at that time such as drugs, pills, or alcohol. Something that is often visible to the public because then at least i know i couldn't hide it, it's in plain sight. How do you know someone drank alcohol? How do you know someone used drugs? It's the physical appearance of those addictions that tells people what state they are in. But no not this drug. Not this addiction. This was lust, pornography, and sexual temptation that altered my way of thinking. 

And it was something i battle for years on my own. It was that same drug that hardened my heart towards the Lord. I was backslidden and heading for my eternal damnation. I was embarrassed because i was exposed of my sinful behavior by the pastors of the church and family members of the body. I was caught red handed in text messaging another woman outside my marriage. I allowed for this to happen when i compromised my covenant with my wife and the Lord. And as that same compromise took place day after day my sin grew to the point of no self-control, only what i thought i could get away with . I was going to lose everything GOD blessed me with and i needed help.

That was when we were introduced to the Christian Counseling & Training Center. My wife felt like she didn't need to go because this was my wrong doing, and as hard as it was for her, she attended counseling as well as classes offered through the training center. It was the hardest thing we had to do, the longest hour we had to bare but we grinded it out. We prayed with our counselors, they heard every word we spoke, they incorporated sound doctrine with every lesson, every step of the way and they challenged us. During that time it was hard to see the good that was coming forth, the good that God was turning around what satan tried to destroy. All we knew, was we wanted to save this marriage.

We were young parents in desperate need of real friends that can help us walk through the process of redemption. The same process that often feels like "the longest year ever", ended up being the best thing that could have happened to us and our family. To God, be the Glory! Thank you so much fro saving another family!