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CCTC Community Calendar


April 3rd - May 22nd Spring Semester, go to course schedule for course information and options and to register!

May 4th National Day of Prayer, see national opportunities here. Local events here

June 12th - Aug 7th Summer Semester, *July 3rd no meeting - click here to see course schedule and to register!

June 10th Biblical Counselor meeting - 10am at Second Baptist Church, 9614 River Rd.

September 9th Biblical Counselor meeting - 10am at Second Baptist Church, 9614 River Rd.

September 25th - November 13th Fall Semester, click here to see course schedule and to register!

TBA Niger Pastors Workshop

December 7th,Th Christmas celebration - at Second Baptist Church, 9614 River Rd.

Niger Mission News
Believers in Niger desperately need our help. They are open to learning Biblical Counseling training, to learn to  counsel their congregations using the bible. The goal is to train Pastors who would open a Biblical Counseling Center in Niamey, which would be open to Muslim as well as Christians. Hear the Pastor's Testimonies, here !

Phase 1: students study "Biblical Problem Solving" and "Building Biblical Relationships".

10/2022 Mission trip--pilot: 11 Pastors heard a workshop on "Biblical Problem Solving". Praise the LORD for the teaching took place and Pastors inspired to study Biblical Counseling further. And save travel and provisions for Mark Edwards and Andy Redford. Along with the protentional of 25 additional Pastors joining the training.  

2023: Mission trip: teach a workshop on "Biblical Problem Solving" in Niger for Pastors of outlying areas, West Africa to a second group of Pastors from outlaying areas." 

Phase 2: Mission to teach Biblical Counseling Framework workshop

Pray for (1) the Pastors as they study Biblical Counseling and minister, (2)for an establishment of their Biblical Counseling Center in Niger, and (3)planning and provisions for the mission trip

Contact Andy at to become involved in this project.

Support the mission by donating here, or by check via U.S. mail, indicate "Niger Mission". 


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