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Biblical Counseling

The Biblical counselor maintains that Scriptures provide practical, in-depth solutions to every type of problem of attitude, behavior and emotion. He is committed to the position that the Scriptures provide the only authoritative rule of faith and conduct for life.

Sessions are normally one hour. The counselors work in teams, this is done to allow for greater insight and objectivity in the counseling process and for the purpose of training less experienced counselors. All of the counselors are under supervision and come to us with the support and recommendation of their pastors and/or local church. 

To get an appointment: 
1) Complete an Application and Fact Sheet, link below
Note: the documents can be filled out a number of ways, here are a few suggestions to get started:
A) From a printer : open Application & Fact Sheet, link in button below, Print document and fill in the questions listed. This helps the Counseling Scheduler prayerfully match you up with one of our Biblical Counselors, Send forms back to CCTC at, by scanning from your printer to your device, creating email and attaching from your email account.
B) From your device: Open Application & Fact Sheet, link in button below and download the file to your device. Go to there you choose to complete form online or download the app and complete from your computer. Call for further suggestions and assistance.
2) Submit $75 Admin Fee*, payment can be made via: a) Card payments  b) U.S. mail to CCTC, 2510 Professional Road, N Chesterfield, VA 23235, or c) Zella money transfer using email address
*Fee includes first appointment session, the assessment. For Counseling, t
he average donation is $75 a session. **If you have a financial need complete the "Financial Assistance Form", through button link below. 
3) Our Counseling Scheduler will contact your appointment and Counselor(s) contact information.

Biblical Counseling hours: M-F 8-8pm, Office hours 10-4pm M-TH

phone: 804-358-1343
address: CCTC, 2510 Professional Road, N Chesterfield, VA 23235

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