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CCTC Missions Teaching Pastors

Pastors in Africa have a need for Biblcial Counseling training and they don't have means to pay! CCTC has responded to the call and are offering workshops and our Biblical Counseling program, support the mission!


Two of our Teachers taught a Biblcial Counseling workshop Oct. '23 at an International Pastors Conference which resulted in 25 Ghana Pastors enrolling in our first course: "Biblical Problem Solving" - BPS. Fifteen Biblcial Counselors are grading their work for the Winter '24 semester. 6/2024 UPDATE: first quarter training stats of Ghana students: Three completed Biblical Problem Solving - BPS, eight continue to study BPS, and three Pastors have started our second course, Building Biblical Relationships - BBR. second quarter stats: Two students are in the third course, nine students are in the first two courses.


Andy Redford and Mark Edwards traveled and taught Pastors a workshop on Biblcial Counseling in Niger 2022. In 2023, the mission trip to train additional Pastors from the interior of the country was canceled due to unrest developed in the area and the US State department encouraged no travel. 2024 Unrest continues, Russia takes over US bases..

 Teaching Pastors at Conference #2
Teaching Pastors at Conference #3
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