Biblical Problem Solving Course introduction

We believe God's Word has relevant answers to the issues we face in daily living. We study the character of God, His holiness, His grace, and purpose for life. As we examine intimate relationships, we look at the emotions of anger, fear, and guilt within the context of the Biblical concept of love. We evaluate actions and the motives behind those actions and explore how change takes place. 

Our 8 week courses include lectures, syllabus with course outlines and assignments. Each course has reading requirement, see books. Students submit assignments weekly to an assigned Mentor.  Students can either work on your own schedule and pace, self-study or in a work-group* using video meetings. *As church locations become available, they will be noted below. 

If you have further questions email us at or call 804-358-1343. 

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Discipleship courses:

101 Biblical Problem Solving (BPS)

How deep are you willing to go? Gain a clearer Biblical worldview, a better understanding of your relationship and place in God's kingdom. This course is an intense “self-examination” experience in which one examines such issues as the source of problems, self esteem, trials, love, anger, fear and change.  Students grow in his/her faith - 2 Peter 1:3, apply God’s word to every day life situations - 2 Tim 3:16-17, and have tools for helping others - Galatians 6:2.

101A Mondays 7p

101B Thursdays 1:00 pm

101 Self study: start and work through course on your schedule

*101 couple rate -  note course option above at checkout

101 Lectures only - 30 day access

101 Lectures on usb drive

102 Building Biblical Relationships (BBR)

We live in a culture that teaches us a great deal about prosperity, success, and the need to understand ourselves but has little to say about building and maintaining decent, life-giving relations. This course offers valuable insight into what God says about relating to the people around us and covers topics such as singleness, the roles of husbands and wives, forgiveness and tough love.

102A Mondays 7p

102B Wednesdays 3:00 pm

102 Self studystart and work through course on your schedule

*102 couple rate -  note course option above at checkout

103 The Study of Scripture for Life

How do I understand Scripture that I might Biblically work through my own difficulties as well as be an encouragement to others? Scripture for Life addresses these issues and teaches principles of inductive Bible study while using a workshop approach.

103 Self studystart and work through course on your schedule

103 Lectures only - 30 days access

Discipleship Training Program information:


Biblical Counseling Ministry courses:

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201 Study of Scripture for Ministry,-- This course focuses on the application of Biblical concepts to counseling situations. Lecture, discussion, and weekly workshop sessions provide practical, understandable ways to interpret and apply Scripture. This course is offered each Fall quarter. 


202 Framework for Biblical Ministry I --This course provides a Biblical framework with which to make connections between Biblical truth and issues such as the nature of our call to counsel one another as Christians, the relationship between emotional problems and spiritual problems, the experience of a true change of heart, the counseling of non-believers, and the presentation of the Gospel in the context of a counseling relationship. This course is offered each winter quarter.

203 Framework for Biblical Ministry II – This course builds on concepts learned in Framework 1, and teaches the students how to use them in counseling. A case study approach is used in which the student reviews Biblical Problem Solving and analyzes a set of BPS homework papers. This approach emphasizes the development of analytical skills in understanding problems and the application of Biblical principles to solve those problems. The student is required to learn Scriptures for counseling and complete homework assignments . This course is offered in the spring quarter.

204 Practicum -- Introduces students to grading by using a set of Practice Papers under the supervision of a qualified counselor/supervisor.  

301 Methodology for Biblical Counseling I -- We may know many of the concepts of Biblical counseling but struggle as to the practical application of these concepts. Methodology for Biblical Counseling 1 provides a broad methodological process for counseling. One purpose of this course is to show the student how to plan and manage a counseling case. Topics covered to teach the student to lead a counseling case include planning and execution of each successive session as it moves toward completion. Lecture, group discussion and case studies are the approaches used. The student is expected to take part in all discussions.

302 Methodology for Biblical Counseling II -- Building upon principles and process taught in MBC I, students learn how to apply these concepts within specific areas of counseling. The student is taught how to begin a case through an assessment, how to plan and direct the sessions week to week, and how to complete the case. Special types of counseling issues are discussed in this course such as depression, anger, suicide, substance abuse, psychosis, etc. Lecture, group discussion and case studies are the approaches used. The student is expected to take part in all discussions.


303 Methodology for Marriage Counseling -- This course offers specific direction on how to counsel married couples.  Each session provides tools and illustrations to provide help for each marriage partner to walk closer with God and thereby grow into becoming God’s representative in their marriage relationship. Biblical counseling models are introduced and illustrated through various counseling case studies. This course addresses “idols of the heart” and the motivation behind developing six relational skills. Homework consists of studying Scripture, application exercises, and reading chapters in the text to prepare for group discussion. Lecture, group discussion and counseling case studies using the information presented are the approaches used.

304 Practicum -- students continue to grade student in BPS or BBR and participate in counseling cases.

Information on our Biblical Ministry Training Program.

Information on our Biblical Counseling Internship.

2020 Fall Semester - starts September 28th

2021 Semester - start dates:

WINTER  - January 25th

SPRING - March 29th

SUMMER - June 28th

FALL - September 27th

*Classroom meetings pending covid19 state mandate and student need:

Mondays - Third Church, 600 Forest Avenue, Henrico, VA

Thursdays - Second Baptist, 9614 River Rd, Richmond, VA

CCTC's courses involve class meetings, lectures, syllabus, homework sent to an assignments Grader. Register by selecting course number above. See course descriptions and details on Training ProgramsContact CCTC with further questions and to get started at or call 804-358-1343.

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