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An inter-denominational, non-profit ministry established in 1981 to train lay people to become biblical counselors and teachers. We are dedicated to bringing honor and glory to God by serving the Body of Christ and assisting local churches.
biblical problem solving

Examine issues such as self esteem, trials, love, anger, fear and change. The course includes readings from The Holiness of God and weekly assignments submitted to a grader.

biblical counseling

A one-year Discipleship Training Program designed to point students in the direction of a caring God who always shows us more grace and mercy than we deserve. Gain a biblical world view and a better understand your place in God's kingdom and why, as Romans 7:19 says, For I do not do the good I want to do, but the evil I do not want to do - this I keep on doing. ​​Three eight-week courses in the program include lecture and assignments submitted to a grader.​

biblical life skills

After successfully completing the Discipleship Training Program, enroll in the two-year program designed to expand a student's knowledge and skills in resolving issues from a biblical perspective. Through an in-depth study of Scripture, gain a deeper knowledge and wisdom as to the hearts of mankind. Included are course work, observation of counseling cases, and workshops focusing on various case studies, all designed to teach biblical encouragement.

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